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2018-10-11 / Letters to the Editor

We’ve got a friend in Luke

At a time when politics so strongly divides our communities, rural towns in Western New York deserve representatives who are, above all, good people who care about their neighbors. I met Luke Wochensky before he was a candidate. He introduced himself as fellow Western New Yorker and we quickly identified a link between our families. You know how it goes — “my brother is great friends with your cousin!”

I asked Luke why he was considering running for office. As he listed his reasons, I realized that they were the same reasons that I feel such a strong connection to my hometown.

“I love these small towns,” he told me. “I’m proud of this area that I come from. I want to make life better for my neighbors and friends.”

Wochensky wants to make rural Western New York towns a priority for our state. That’s what he’ll do as our Assemblyman. Why is he the right choice? I don’t see the incumbent or his staff in our community. Until I started following Luke’s campaign, I didn’t know who my Assemblyman was.

Wochensky wants to put his expertise to work for our small towns. He worked his way through multiple college degrees, pursued a career in law and worked to defend American companies overseas in countries where corruption and unethical behavior is the rule, not the exception. His sense of duty to our communities was instilled in him growing up in Colden and runs deep in his bones. That will guide his choices in office. It’s what we need.

Wochensky will be our friend in Albany. I know this because he is a friend to me — because of our shared, strong sense of place and duty to be good citizens and neighbors.

Why is he the right choice? Because he is a good person.

Adrienne Bermingham
Jennings Road

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