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2018-10-11 / Letters to the Editor

Reach out to Luke Wochensky

In today’s divisive world it’s easy to dismiss “all Republicans or all Democrats” with one sweeping statement, but it’s important to remember that every politician running for office is human and every human has their own unique accomplishments and flaws.

There’s never going to be a candidate I agree with on every issue, but, I take time to figure out which one is closest to my values — someone who cares for the community, is able to listen and compromise and serve their constituents to the best of their ability. I want someone who understands my issues as a small town, rural voter — access to quality healthcare, education and broadband internet — but also equally understands the needs of others in larger towns and at a county and state level.

And that is why I write today to support NYS Assembly candidate Luke Wochensky.

The next few weeks we will be bombarded with political messages. Many will be nasty, negative and manipulative. These scare tactics are used in the larger campaigns, and local campaigns like this one. I don’t play that game and I don’t want someone to represent me in the Assembly who does.

If you want to know where Luke stands, ask him. Make a phone call, send an email or Facebook message. He wants to hear from the people he is fighting to serve. The man took a tractor tour around our district — how much more hands-on and reaching out can one get?

I have no doubt the integrity Luke Wochensky has shown while running his campaign will continue into office. I urge you to consider voting for him to serve the New York 147th District on Nov. 6.

And make sure to tell a friend. For more information about Luke Wochensky, visit www.lukeforny.com.

Jennifer L.S. Weber
Concord Road

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