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2018-10-11 / Front Page

Town of Aurora Board makes changes to budget ahead of public hearing


Town of Aurora leaders are making some last minute changes to the 2019 tentative budget before the Oct. 22 public hearing.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Deputy Supervisor Charles Snyder said the numbers have slightly changed after receiving a bid from Waste Management for the contract to collect trash and recycling. Snyder said the town received the bid in the past few days.

“We put (the contract) out to bid as we always do when a contract comes up and Waste Management came back as the low bidder,” he said, adding the final cost was higher than town officials anticipated. Snyder also said due to the timing of the bid, board members haven’t been able to sit down and go through the updated budget. However, he doesn’t believe it will have a significant impact on the budget.

“I believe that (the budget will) be under the tax cap. Slightly, but under the tax cap,” he said.

The public hearing will take place at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 22, at the Southside Municipal Center, 300 Gleed Ave., East Aurora.

In other matters, board members approved the Senior Citizen income exemption. The local law allows those 65 years old and older to have the taxable assessment on their homes reduced by as much as 50 percent.

The town also approved a measure to amend the sexual harassment policy. The new policy was adapted from the model policy provided by New York state. The law requires municipalities to adopt and distribute the new anti-harassment policy, as well as conduct annual anti-harassment training for all employees.

Town leaders will move forward with a plan to inoculate the ash trees in the village. While the town will be responsible for inoculating the trees, the village will pay for the treatment. Snyder explained that town employees will handle the inoculating, since they are licensed to do so. The total cost comes to $4,004.

Finally, the board discussed a letter that was received from Alan Voos of Girdle Road. Voos recently wrote to officials in Elma, Aurora and East Aurora informing them of the deteriorating condition of Girdle Road. Voos claims the road lacks a center line, as well as a fog line, and cars are frequently seen crossing the center of the road.

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