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2018-10-11 / Front Page

Four-way stop proposed at Maple Road and North Street


The East Aurora Village Board is looking into adding a four-way stop at the intersection of Maple Road and North Street in the village.

The move comes after a letter from Laura and Drew Gill to the board. In the letter, the Gills, who live on Maple Road, write that there is a large break in the sidewalk between North Street and Girard Avenue.

The couple, who are the parents of three-year-old triplets, write that this gap makes it difficult for pedestrians walking on the left side of Maple to stay on the street. They said despite the 30 miles-per-hour speed limit, those driving on Maple delay reducing their speed until they are at the four-way stop at Maple Road and Girard Avenue.

Resident Tony Rosatti reminded the board that there are already two all-way stops on Maple Road, and believes the proposed one would impede traffic. He suggested moving the four-way stop from Maple and Girard up to North Street.

Helen Wittmann says she frequently walks and bikes to the intersection.

“I think what you bring up is a good point,” she said in response to Rosatti’s comment, “but also since we’re so used to the four way stops, without those stop signs being there I think it’s a little dangerous.”

Deputy Mayor Ernie Scheer questioned if there have been a lot of accidents in the area, to which East Aurora Police Chief Shane Krieger said there had not. Krieger added that this request has been proposed in the past.

“We had a request a while ago for a stop sign there. But with the stop sign just a couple hundred feet up at Maple, we felt it was safer for people to walk up to Girard and cross the street,” he said.

Krieger added that he would be concerned about traffic backing up on Maple Road.

“I could foresee a lot of vehicular issues, especially in the winter time with a stop sign at North Street,” he said.

Trustee Steve Lazickas didn’t believe there was a need for an additional stop sign.

“It’s almost redundant too, because later in the day that traffic backs up from Girard all the way,” he said, adding that another sign could pose a danger for drivers coming down the hill.

The next Village Board meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15, at East Aurora Village Hall, 571 Main St., East Aurora.

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