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2018-03-08 / Front Page

Sheriff’s Office lieutenant to attend Town Board meetings


Those attending Elma Town Board meetings might notice a new face in the audience. Lt. Dave Zamorek of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office has announced that he will be attending future meetings as a liaison for the Sheriff’s Office.

At the Feb. 28 board meeting, Zamorek said the decision was made by his supervisors, as they had attended meetings across the county in the past. However, he explained that the practice fell by the wayside.

Zamorek praised the idea.

“It’s good public relations. [The residents] get to see a supervisor that they wouldn’t normally see,” he said. “My deputies work out of here, but you generally don’t see the supervisors. So I feel as though it’s a good thing.”

He added that he will make an effort to attend as many meetings as possible but would not be at every single session.

Town Board members agreed, as Councilman Mike Fallon called it a great idea, while Supervisor Dennis Powers praised the deputies who patrol the area.

Zamorek said he feels the residents will react positively to his presence and credits them with helping to keep the area safe.

“A lot of these people seem to be retired or home a lot, so they’re the ones that can see what’s going on and notice when someone’s blowing through a stop sign or going past a school bus,” he said. “So it makes them feel good that we’re participating.”

In the wake of the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the schools are also taking extra steps to keep students safe.

Zamorek said an extra school resource officer has been hired and will travel among the five local schools. The officers will also serve as a liaison for the schools and the Sheriff’s Office.

“They have their ear to the ground about problems with certain kids,” he said.

Zamorek thanked the board for the opportunity to attend the meetings.

“We’re here to serve the citizens of this town and the county, and we look forward to attending future meetings.”

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