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2018-03-08 / Editorials

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East Aurora Editor

IRISHMAN OPPOSITION — During Monday’s East Aurora Village Board meeting, Trustee Ernie Scheer voted against a special use permit that would allow The Irishman Pub to move into the space on Main Street that is currently occupied by Yotality. Scheer said after talking to other restaurant owners in the area, he believes the move would hurt those who are struggling and potentially force them to close. He also said he was concerned as to how this would impact parking in the west end of the village.

I love the Irishman in Williamsville. It’s where I had my first legal drink when I turned 21, and where I celebrated St. Patrick’s Days when I first moved back from Rochester. It’s the unofficial gathering place for graduates of Williamsville South, my alma mater. It has a lot of memories for me, and I would hope people in East Aurora get to experience that same fun atmosphere.

While I understand where Scheer is coming from, I don’t agree with keeping a business out of the village simply because it might put other businesses at risk of closing. If the business is on the brink of closing, it’s unfair to say the Irishman will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If we keep The Irishman from moving in, then we would be setting a precedent that no other restaurant having successful locations can move into the village.

To quote Ron Swanson from one of my favorite shows, “Parks and Recreation,” “The free market is a jungle; it’s beautiful and brutal and should be left alone. When a business fails, it dies, and a new, better business takes its place. Just let business be business and government be government.”

PISTOL PERMIT EVENT — Assemblyman David DiPietro will host a Safe Act and Pistol Recertification Forum from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 10, at East Aurora Wesleyan Church, 364 Main St., East Aurora. The forum will focus on updating residents on DiPietro’s efforts to repeal the SAFE Act and provide information on the pistol certification requirement.

The event will feature several guest speakers, including Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, County Clerk Mickey Kearns and attorney Max Tresmond, a SAFE Act opponent.

RAY OF HOPE GALA —The Matthew Foster Foundation is holding its 2018 Ray of Hope gala on Saturday, March 10, at the Columns Banquet Center, 2221 Transit Road, Elma. Cocktails will be served at 5:30 p.m., with dinner starting at 7 p.m. There will be live and silent auctions, along with music and tableside magicians. Singer Michael Nugent will also perform.

The foundation was formed in memory of 17-year-old Matthew Foster, an Iroquois student who died of cancer in 1999. Since Foster’s death, his parents have worked tirelessly to raise money for children battling cancer in Western New York and have raised more than $1 million in the past 19 years.

To purchase tickets, visit www.matthewfosterfoundation.com.

SPRING FORWARD — The Bee reminds readers to turn their clocks ahead one hour before retiring on Saturday night. Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday, March 11. The time change is also a good opportunity to replace batteries in smoke detectors.

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