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2017-12-07 / Police Blotter

Driver gets stuck in backyard after falling asleep at wheel

East Aurora

Saturday, Nov. 18

A box of fireworks shells was left at the police station on Main Street by an unnamed person.

Wednesday Nov. 22

• A Mill Road resident called police after his daughter came home drunk. The daughter was told that the papers for her visitation rights had been pulled, and she became upset and ran off. When the officer found her and asked to see her hand, the woman told him she was on her cellphone.

An unknown person stole 12 gallons of fuel from a vehicle parked in a Blakely Road yard.

Thursday, Nov. 23

Police were called to a liquor store on Grey Street after a man drove into the store’s parking lot and hit another vehicle.

Tuesday, Nov. 28

After an intoxicated man became unresponsive at a business on Main Street, another man allegedly shoved an officer who was trying to explain the situation to another person. The man accused of shoving the officer tried to flee from police as he was being placed in handcuffs. At that time, a different man approached the officer from behind and put him in a headlock, and the officer was forced to let go of the man he was arresting. After a brief struggle, both men were eventually taken into custody by police.

Wednesday, Nov. 29

A woman on Emery Road contacted police after the cover and lining of her in-ground pool was damaged.

Thursday, Nov. 30

A man reportedly called the Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street and said another person had been making racially charged remarks about an African-American employee. The man called the store several days later asking for the work schedules of several employees.

Friday, Dec. 1

A King Street resident called police after someone opened a package on his front porch and took a gift he bought for his child.

Sheriff’s Report

Friday, Nov. 24

A driver struck and killed a deer while driving on Route 400.

A resident on Bowen Road called deputies after a man drove into the backyard. The man told deputies he turned into a driveway and his car got in the yard after he fell asleep while driving.

Monday, Nov. 27

Deputies helped patrol traffic at the intersection of Seneca Street and Transit Road after a traffic signal stopped working. Crews from the Department of Transportation were contacted to repair the signal.

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