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2017-10-12 / Editorials

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East Aurora Editor

MY FAIR LACES — My goals for this year were to be more well-travelled and run a 5K. Saturday, I was able to accomplish the latter.

I ran cross country in high school, but honestly, I was terrible. I hated running and only did it because my friends did. Typical teenage mentality.

Twelve years later, my best friend Liz convinced me to give it another shot, and for the past four months, the two of us have been training like maniacs. One of my favorite places to run is Knox State Park. The hills are perfect for incline training and the woods offer a nice retreat from the sun. It was here that I ran my first mile without stopping, a huge accomplishment for someone who would get winded walking up a flight of stairs.

So Saturday, my friend Liz and I ran in a 5K honoring the victims of Flight 3407. I picked this race because I felt a connection to the tragedy. The plane crashed not far from my house, and I wanted to do my part to honor those who died.

The race went as expected, with a few minor bumps. I had a cheese Danish about an hour before the race — a free birthday reward from a chain restaurant — and around the end of the two-mile mark, I started to feel sick. As I was sprinting towards the finish line, a wave of nausea hit me. I crossed the finish line, violently vomiting my breakfast, while a photographer snapped pictures of my puke-covered mug.

I finished the race with a time of 47:45, not what I was hopping for, but not too shabby for my first 5K in 12 years. This also isn’t my last 5K — less than 24 hours after the race, Liz and I signed up for the Caroler 5K, which will take place right here in East Aurora on Dec. 16.

See you at the finish line, folks.

LETTER GUIDELINES — Letters to the editor are an important aspect of our paper.

They give readers the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions with the public and also allow other residents to hear differing viewpoints.

In order to keep the section consistent, fair and orderly, there are several guidelines that must be followed for a submission to be considered for Bee publication.

Letters have a 300-word limit, which is strictly adhered to for all submissions. All letters that come in above this word count will be edited by our staff or returned to the sender so that reductions can be made.

Additionally, all letters must include the name of the sender, the address, and a number where we can reach you in order to confirm the submission.

The purpose of this section is to allow residents to have their voices heard on the issues that are important to them, but those voices must be accompanied by a name. The Bee does not publish any letters anonymously.

Letter to the editor submissions can be made in hard copy by sending them to 5564 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221; by email to KateP@beenews.com; or through our website at www.beenews.com/ letter-to-the-editor.

ELECTION POLICY — No letters to the editor or political briefs will be published about any Town Board or other local candidates after Oct. 25. The deadline for those editions is Friday, Oct. 20.

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