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2017-08-10 / Editorials

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East Aurora Editor

DOG DAYS OF SUMMER— I’m in heaven. There are so many dog-related activities happening in East Aurora this month.

I had the chance to attend the Up and Over Dog Sport agility trial on Sunday at Knox Farm State Park. I was not only impressed by how smart the dogs were, but how friendly and well-behaved they were, as well. Which brings me to this point: One of the best things someone can do to create a friendly dog is early socialization.

I talked to Kristen Guido, a dog trainer who owns three dogs, one of which excels in dock diving. She says while this is a huge help, some dogs have high prey drives. When they hit maturity, they might still not be 100 percent social.

While she has worked extensively with her chocolate lab, Murphy, she says he has a difficult time with other male dogs, an issue his father also faced.

It’s all about finding the right trainer and the right sport for your dog. Agility is one of the best because dogs of all breeds are able to compete. Lynn Broderick, organizer for the Up and Over Dog Sports agility competition, said there is a girl who competes with her pug, but because the dog has bad knees, they tend to stick to low-intensity courses.

As a final reminder, Kristen says that after your dog has all of its shots, make sure to expose the dog to a variety of situations, including stores and other dogs. She also suggests putting the animal in a doggy day care maybe once or twice a week — something that will soon be right around the corner for people living in East Aurora.

TURKEY TROT — Summer has been flying by, but for people who run — like me — the season for racing never end.

One of my favorite races is the YMCA Turkey Trot. Registration is now open, and if you’re up for running the 5-mile course, you can register at www.YMCABN.org until race capacity is reached.

Presented by ADPRO Sports, the YMCA Turkey Trot is a time-honored Thanksgiving Day tradition. Race organizers recommend that interested participants register early to secure their spot.

According to a prepared statement, the YMCA Turkey Trot attracts 14,000 runners and walkers annually. Proceeds raised from the event benefit children and families who would otherwise be unable to afford vital YMCA programs and services.

For more information on this year’s race, visit www.YMCABN.org or contact the Turkey Trot call line at 875-1283.

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NATIONAL LAZY DAY — Lazy people rejoice — Thursday, Aug. 10 marks National Lazy Day.

I would write about this, but napping sounds much better.

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