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2017-05-18 / Business

New insurance agency opens in East Aurora


Sean Haentges shows off his new State Farm Insurance agency, located at 123 Hamburg St. in East Aurora. Sean Haentges shows off his new State Farm Insurance agency, located at 123 Hamburg St. in East Aurora. There’s a new face in the East Aurora insurance game. Earlier this month, Sean Haentges opened a State Farm Insurance Agency, located at 123 Hamburg St.

Haentges, a former owner of a landscaping business, said he wanted to get into the insurance business after years of paying high insurance rates.

Haentges sold his business and began working with an agency, where he was the manager of 10 team members. Eventually, State Farm offered him the chance to open up his own agency, an opportunity he jumped on.

“I love East Aurora, and I think it’s a beautiful area,” he said. “I’ve always loved the village down here.”

Haentges says it’s his customer service and hardworking team of employees that sets his business apart from the other agencies in the area.

“We’re all about achieving one goal: to make sure our customers are taken care of.”

Haentges is also dedicated to helping his employees in meeting their career goals.

“It’s not just about me as an agent, but it’s about them, as well.”

Haentges may not be up against a lot of competition in East Aurora, but he is competing with large-scale companies such as Geico. However, Haentges says he’s not worried.

“It’s all about how you market yourself. We sell ourselves, so who is Sean Haentges? I’m an agent who cares about you as a customer.”

Haentges adds that his office allows customers to meet with the agents face to face, which gives them the reassurance that they will be taken care of. He also stresses the importance of making sure clients are properly covered with their insurance plans.

“We see a lot of the competition out there where [clients] are not covered the right way. If they suffer a loss, it can affect them and their families. It’s a trickle-down effect.”

Haentges stresses that he has a system in place to make sure his clients are covered in all situations. He says it also helps that State Farm is a familiar name to many people.

As for future locations, Haentges says if given the opportunity, he would welcome the opportunity to open another office.

“State Farm has given that opportunity to those who can prove themselves as an agent. If an agent can develop a team and develop the qualities they’re looking for, they’ll give you that opportunity.”

In the end, what Haentges says matters most is helping people, something he feels strongly about.

“The main reason why I’m in this industry is because I have a sincere desire to help people. This is a way that I know that many people’s lives are impacted.”

For more information about Haentges and State Farm Insurance, call 652-3107, email him at sean.haentges.wgi2@state farm.com or visit his facebook page, “Sean Haentges State Farm Agent.”

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