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2017-04-20 / Letters to the Editor

Free college plan a political move

I couldn’t agree more with David Sherman’s column in last week’s Bee; spot on.

I live in East Aurora, and we are looking at a 7 percent increase in our school tax, in no small part from mandates and less aid.

It just seems first of all, ironic — we’re cutting school electives and programs to somewhat lessen the tax impact if possible, thus lessening the quality of education — then offering free college. Only government could hatch such a plan.

Secondly, we hear — I have never fact-checked this — that nearly half of students in urban schools don’t graduate. In this day and age? Perhaps that would be a better place to start?

And third, we are in second place for the state with the most debt – $300 billion. Second only to California, if that says anything. Borrow, borrow, borrow. This is what Cuomo does. It’s what all politicians do.

Cuomo thinks free college will look good on his resume when he runs for president.

Lord help us.

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