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2017-03-16 / Local News

UB doctoral student honored with award


Courtney Courtney Christopher Courtney is a West Seneca resident who was recently honored within the University at Buffalo’s School of Management with the Dean’s Award. This distinction, which is given to senior doctoral students who demonstrate exceptional research based on presentations, conferences, journal publications and research, was given to Courtney in February along with $2,500 to support his dissertation.

Courtney received his bachelor’s degree in 2004 and his Master of Business Administration in 2013 from UB. Now, he is back in the UB School of Management and is set to complete his doctorate in June 2018.

“I’m truly honored to receive the Dean’s Award, and to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it,” he said. “The award was chosen based on several publications, presentations and conferences.”

He went on to highlight some of those conferences, including: The Academy of Management in Anaheim, California, and The Darden and Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference in Washington, D.C., where he presented research on crowdfunding. For eight years, Courtney owned his own business called “We Sell Returns.”

“How I like to describe it is reverse logistics,” Courtney said. “We receive items from stores, inspect them and send the refurbished items back to larger retailers. I originally thought of it as a way to make money, but then I thought, ‘What can I do to pay it forward?’ ”

His solution to that question came in the form of teaching. He currently teaches entrepreneurship and strategic management at UB, and prior to that, Niagara County Community College. According to Courtney, he plans to continue teaching at UB after he obtains his doctorate in 2018. Courtney also belongs to the Western New York Prosperity Fellowship program, which takes undergraduate and graduate students from both UB and Canisius College.

“This is one of the only fellowships in the area with multiple schools involved,” Courtney said. “I would say somewhere between 20 and 30 students get selected each year, and they really look for people who are trying to stay in Western New York and help develop and grow this area.”

Courtney and his wife, Sarah, served as an Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes, on the Family Advisory Council as part of Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, and as volunteers for Wings Flights of Hope where he spoke at various benefit events.

To learn more about Courtney or the UB School of Management, visit www.buffalo.edu.

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