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2017-03-16 / Front Page

Aurora Town Board approves solar panel, zoning changes


After months of work, the Aurora Town Board unanimously approved changes to the zoning codes, as well as regulations for solar panels.

Aurora Town Supervisor James Bach said putting together regulations for the solar panel code was a “tireless process” that involved the work of many different departments.

“We put together this code with what we feel is the best fit for our community,” he said, adding that changes would be made if necessary.

Prior to this, there was no code for regulating solar panels in East Aurora. In January, the board voted to extend the moratorium on the solar panels as a way to give members more time to research the issue.

“It’s important that we get something in the code books so that residents can go ahead and do what they feel they want to do with it”

Changes were also approved for portions of the zoning code. Major change to the code includes splitting the Agriculture district into two districts: Agriculture, or “A” and Rural Residential, or “RR.” Changes were also made to the acreage needed for raising farm animals, and limiting the number of beehives kept on a property to a maximum of five.

“This has been about five years of work,” said Bach. “We just appreciate everyone that was involved.”

Several board members echoed that statement, including Councilman Charles Snyder.

“There are two people who went above and beyond: Code Enforcement Officer Bill Kramer and Town Clerk Martha Librock,” Snyder said.

The laws will not go into effect until the moratorium is lifted. Town officials say this will happen once the laws are filed with the state.

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