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2017-03-16 / Editorials

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East Aurora Editor

BRAVING THE STORM — On Wednesday, March 8, I drove around our area following a call from Elma Supervisor Dennis Powers telling me the Elma Town Board meeting had been canceled. He said the area had been hit pretty hard and that even Elma Town Hall was without power. I drove around Elma and didn’t find much at first. After following a Department of Public Works truck, I started to see signs of the storm — trees with their roots sticking out of the ground, power lines leaning on wires.

In East Aurora, the damage closed down streets. On Elmwood Avenue, a man walked his dog past a giant tree lying in the street, carefully avoiding the downed wires. A Main Street homeowner surveyed the damage on the front lawn after a giant tree just missed the home.

Behind the scenes, the DPW crews worked tirelessly to clean up the roads. People checked on their neighbors without power and dry ice was distributed so food in powerless freezers didn’t spoil. While this storm took a physical toll on the community, it brought out the best in neighbors. The storm proved once again why so many people choose to live in East Aurora, Elma, West Falls and Holland. It’s not the schools or the location, and it’s certainly not because of the gorgeous weather. It’s the people, the ones who make the tough times better and the good times great.

GET OUT AND VOTE — On Tuesday, March 21, four residents of East Aurora will ask for your vote for seats on the Village Board. While the board might not seem like a big deal, these are the people who will help make decisions about our community, decisions that will impact you and your everyday life. From speed limits to parking, decisions about new businesses and even what your front lawn should look like, this group goes above and beyond when it comes to serving the public.

I thoroughly enjoy going to these meetings because of the people on the board. They are great individuals who seem to get along well. They challenge each other to be better and are always looking out for the well-being of the residents. These are people who live in the community, are involved in the community, and are on the front lines when it comes to making it a better place. I’ve met three of the four candidates running for board seats, and I can honestly say they are wonderful people who really do care about our community, mainly because they live here, too. Take a moment to flip the pages of this paper and read their profiles. Then go out and make a choice you think will benefit our community.

PLANNING AN EVENT? — The Bee likes to keep its readers abreast of all the happenings in town. If you’re hosting a fundraiser or community event, send us the information and we’ll publish it in our What’s Going On section. The best way to submit information is via email at katep@beenews.com. Of course, you can opt for the snail-mail way by sending to The East Aurora Bee, 5564 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221.

CANDIDATE PROFILES — The Bee publishes profiles written by candidates in local, contested races the week prior to Election Day. If a profile is not published in this week’s edition, it is either because the candidate did not respond to us or he or she is unopposed.

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