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2013-11-07 / Local News


Author steps outside typical economic thought

Garrett Fisher Garrett Fisher Not just anyone can pull together enough talent to write an economic thriller.

For East Aurora native Garrett Fisher, his groundbreaking book titled “The Human Theory of Everything” uses economic philosophy to examine how ancient economic systems still exist today. He uses this knowledge to analyze how people unknowingly use these factors to make economic decisions daily.

“The book is thought-provoking, and a lot of the references call for a complete rethinking of economics,” Fisher said.

Starting as a consulting chief financial officer for a banking firm, he said he started to realize what he was seeing made no sense.

He then began researching Jane Inglish’s Motivational Enhancement Method. Her research enhances his theories in the book on how humans are fallible in their individual state but are in situations that can be fixed.

When he’s not thinking about complex economic theories and how they apply philosophically to individuals in order to compile his next book, he can be found in the Rocky Mountains, hiking, taking photographs and flying airplanes.

He pilots a 1947 airplane his grandfather worked to restore, which he stores in the highest airport in North America.

“I’m the third generation to own it,” he said. “It has no electrical system and requires a hand crank.”

An avid photographer and mountain climber, he said he recently climbed a peak near Breckenridge, Colo., in blizzard conditions to take pictures under the full moon.

“I know there’s always something interesting over the next bend. Then I get there and realize I’m in a dangerous place,” he laughed.

Living just below 10,000 feet elevation in Colorado, he said it was always a dream to move higher into the mountains.

“I live in a place colder and snowier than any place in Western New York. Our snow season runs from September to June,” he added.

With strong family support coming from East Aurora, he is working on his next book, which aims at redefining how best to kick-start a startup company in addition to rolling out a study to identify motivators within the human resource system. He said that in the meantime he works as a management consultant.

“The Human Theory of Everything” is available through Amazon’s Create Space for Kindle and in print.

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