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2012-03-01 / Police Blotter

Several car thefts reported

East Aurora

Monday, Feb. 20

Patrol responded to a report of a burglary on Lawrence Avenue. The victims said they left their home for the day with the door unlocked and returned home to find some property lying on the kitchen floor that was normally kept in the basement. The male victim then discovered numerous small items missing. It appeared someone had entered and targeted the basement and master bedroom. The neighbors were unable to provide any leads, but the investigation is continuing.

Thursday, Feb. 23

A Knox Road man reported that an unknown vehicle struck the south side of a Knox Road building, causing damage. He believed the vehicle backed into a parking space in the adjacent lot, and struck the building. The reporting officer saw fresh damage to the concrete block, and the window was broken directly above where the building was struck. There was no video surveillance of the area at the time of the incident, and the case is closed due to a lack of leads.

A Registry Lane woman complained that her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, a Cheektowaga man, had been sending her unwanted text messages. She did not want to press charges but wanted patrol to contact him and tell him to stop. Patrol did so, and the suspect agreed to stop.

A sign valued at $150 was removed overnight from a Lapham Road address.

Saturday, Feb. 25

A Hamlin Avenue woman reported receiving a threatening phone call from a blocked number. The woman said the voice sounded like a male in his 20s or 30s, but she otherwise had no idea who it could be. She is not having any problems with anyone right now. Patrol advised her of her options should the calls continue.

A Snyder man reported that his wife had been bitten in the face by a dog on Olean Road. She received 140 stitches in her facial area and a few on her left hand and had been referred to a plastic surgeon. Patrol spoke with the dog’s owner, who said the dog was tied up in his store to a pallet of bird seed at the time of the incident. He added that the dog gets “nervous” around delivery people. He said the woman went to pet the dog, and it bit her in the face. The dog had never done that before, he said, but he theorized that it was “nervous” from the delivery person outside the store. He said the woman held her face, stated she had to leave to take care of it, but it was “OK and not a big deal.” The dog control officer was notified, and the dog had its license and vaccines up to date. The DCO will follow up if necessary.

Sunday, Feb. 26

An Adamwood Drive woman reported that, sometime overnight, an unknown person smashed the windshield and driver side window, broke off the side-view mirror and slashed all four tires of her son’s car, which is in her name. She said her son has received threats at school from someone due to a prior incident. The son stated that the suspect threatened damage to his car if he did not pay him $300 he felt he was owed for a glass bong being confiscated by police. Patrol went to the suspect’s house but got no answer. No evidence was found at the scene.

A Sweet Road couple complained that someone had smashed the driver-side window and slashed the rear, driver-side tire on their car. Although they reported no problems with anyone during the past few months, they did say they used to have problems with their son over drugs and a group of kids he associated with. They have since removed him from the public schools and said he no longer has contact with the individuals. No evidence was found.

Monday, Feb. 27

A Mill Road woman reported that the passenger-side rear tire was flat and the gas door and cap were open on her vehicle. It appeared that someone had tried to siphon gas, as there was gasoline on the ground near where the cap was discovered. It did not appear much gas was taken, The slash on the tire was consistent with a small pocket knife. No further evidence or witnesses were found.

Sheriff’s Report

Friday, Feb. 17

A Woodard Road caller reported cash, an iPod and two cartons of cigarettes missing from a vehicle. Another caller reported pills and cash missing from a vehicle on Woodard.

A Schultz Road caller reported the theft of cigarettes from a vehicle. A report was taken, and the caller was advised to keep the vehicle locked because of the thefts reported in the area.

Monday, Feb. 20

An Alden man was issued tickets for no insurance and driving on a suspended license during a traffic stop at Girdle and Jamison roads.

Wednesday, Feb. 22

A caller on Bowen Road reported finding a yellow and grey Magna Excitor mountain bike.

Patrol assisted volunteer firefighters in pulling a semi out of a “predicament” at a Jamison Road business park.

Thursday, Feb. 23

A South Jerge Road caller reported that gift cards and change were taken from the complainant’s vehicle.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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