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2012-02-16 / Front Page

Bid opening date set for Gleed contracts


The Aurora Town Board on Monday set the bid opening for Gleed remodeling contracts for 10 a.m. Friday, March 9.

The contracts will include general, electrical, mechanical and plumbing contracts, according to Deputy Supervisor Sue Friess.

Friess, who chaired Monday’s meeting, also said Town Supervisor Jolene Jeffe would return to work today after an absence due to health issues.

Councilman James Bach encouraged local contractors to bid for the Gleed work.

Monday’s agenda also included the awarding of engineering and support services on the Gleed building to Conestoga Rovers & Associates in the amount of $19,700, but it was tabled after Councilman Jeffrey Harris asked to see the original contract for the architectural services.

Town Engineer Bryan Smith told Harris that the original contract excluded any engineering services, but there was no problem with tabling the proposal as he said it is not a time-sensitive matter.

The board also approved a new request from the Aurora Senior Center to purchase a new podium and speaker after the first podium and speaker that was bid on was deemed insufficient for the center’s needs.

Friess said the town received three new bids in total and chose to accept the low bid of $1,108 from Alfax Furniture. Two donations, one from the Southtowns Piecemakers Quilting Guild for $500, and one from Bill and Ginny Lee for $200, will be used to partially fund the purchase. The remaining $408 will be paid by the town.

Two requests from the Highway Department were also approved. The first involved the auction results of a 2003 Ford F-250 SD pickup, which was previously deemed as surplus. The board accepted a $7,200 bid from “MRFCC” for the truck. Highway Superintendent David Gunner said he considered it a good price.

The board also approved an emergency repair on a 2006 Ford plow truck. Gunner said the truck was overheating and had oil mixing in with the coolant. Four different repair facilities were sought, but West-Herr was the only facility that could perform the repairs immediately. Therefore, Gunner gave permission to perform the repairs before the Town Board approved them.

In another matter, Timothy Rascoe, of Boy Scout Troop 352, will paint 13 areas in the basement of the West Falls Library as part of his Eagle Scout project. It will be turned into a children’s area, said Rascoe, who asked board members to pay for the paint and primer only. They approved, and Rascoe estimated the paint and primer will cost the town about $225. The Friends of the West Falls Library had already approved the project.

Two residents, Tony Rosati and Bill Patterson, spoke during the business from the audience portion of the meeting.

Rosati asked Friess, who will be attending an Association of Towns conference, to ask if anything else could be done about the proposed Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority cuts while there. Friess agreed, saying it was a good suggestion.

Patterson asked about the status of the Mill Road Open Development Agency. Friess said it is in the hands of the group raising funds to purchase the property. He also blamed the board for failing to take timely action on the comprehensive plan to limit the amount of livestock per acre.

“Right now, because of you, I could have 100 or even 1,000 horses per acre if I wanted to,” said Patterson.

Building Superintendent Patrick Blizniak confirmed that while there is a limit of one per acre in “our” district, there is currently no limit in agricultural districts.

Harris said proposed changes to the plan are “pretty close” to being completed.

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